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With 80 per cent of the new jobs in BC requiring post secondary education, I’m thrilled with our commitment to skills training and education. We’re committed to building opportunities for every British Columbian. That’s how we’ll build a sustainable economy, create good jobs, attract investment and build a strong middle class..

The Michigan attorney general’s office is seeking 40 to 125 years in prison for the 54 year old Nassar. The maximum represents a year for each of the 125 girls and women who filed reports of abuse with campus police. He already has been sentenced to 60 years in federal prison for child pornography crimes..

The leaderboard race had prompted their supporters to donate when perhaps they might not have otherwise. It was a win, win situation for everyone concerned, if not a little nerve racking!The 1000 prize is a significant amount to aim for and a real incentive to enter the Local Hero competition. We all know how much effort goes in to raising a 1000 from scratch.The prize has given the whole school community something to be proud of and a substantial boost to our fundraising.

Considering the global scenario of the market, North America is the top contributor for foley catheters. Due to large amount of money invested in R and advanced products development, the North American Foley catheters market was valued USD 228.8 million in 2016. Europe is not far behind and accounts for the second largest market share owing to adoption of new and advanced technologies and products; it is expected to reach USD 306.1 million by 2023..

Welcome tomorrow instead of yesterday? Not when there a reissue of Adam the Ants 1980 disc around. Along with sharp remasters of gems like Dog Eat Dog, Antmusic and Los Rancheros the tribal drums, surf guitars and vocal chants have never sounded better you get B sides, demos and a live gig. Unplug the jukebox and do yourself a favour..

Haflinger slippers are a stylish, hip way to keep your feet comfortable. They are unique to the shoe world in that they are produced from boiled wool or wool felt, allowing for a high level of comfort and breathability. The wool is very soft, and is designed to feel like a second skin.

Many supporters of East Ridge Animal Control Officer Jonathan Cooper came to the session. “We’re one of many cities that are trying to get to the no kill benchmark we’re the first one that has gotten there,” said interim city manager Eddie Phillips. A half dozen residents, including one veterinarian from the city, spoke all complimenting Mr..

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