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His jersey is prominently displayed in his new office, but the former shooting guard said he is about much more than basketball. The center offers a wide range of programs for the community, including classes in dance, guitar and cheerleading, bingo for seniors, and an after school program for teens. It also hosts the Ardmore Community Basketball League..

Red Deer, Alberta A number of recent arrests of note in Red Deer RCMP were thanks to reports from the public, who called in suspicious vehicles and activity, sightings of stolen vehicles, and several break and enters in progress. A number of the suspects were wanted on outstanding warrants, and several were arrested after foot chases or after being tracked and located by Police Dog Services. Red Deer RCMP thank the public for their continued vigilance in reporting criminal activity..

Disney and Pixar, over the course of the past several years, have become notorious for producing quality animated movies that are popular with the whole family. They can take unfamiliar characters and make them loveable and relatable like the old man from Up. This week, we are introduced to Miguel and his Mama Coco as he enters into the Land of the Dead in search of his music loving Grandfather.

On a recent Sunday, Shane attended a screening of the Marx Brothers film “Duck Soup” at the Film Forum. A theater employee dressed up as Harpo was taking tickets from a gaggle of children and their families. The theater was showing the film as a part of their Film Forum Jr.

With 3:24 remaining in regulation Jason Terry hit a huge three pointer cutting the Knicks lead 95 93. On the following play with the shot clock running out Lin responded with a trey of his own putting the Knicks back up by five points. Lin finished the game with 28 points and 14 assists..

So as he ran down to Antuzzi Inn to get a Bic lighter, John yells out whatever. John picks up a two gallon gas can and strolls over the fire pit, tips the can clug, glug, glug, glug glug, glug then wanders off smiling. Mike races up, lighter in hand, flicks his Bic and whoosh! Mike spun out of the inferno looking like a rat that stuck his nose in a light socket yelling I know what I doing, I know what I doing.

House was ticketed by a Dickson police officer in January 2005 for reckless driving. His attorney, Paul Pitts, entered a plea of nolo contendre for him and, acting on his behalf, paid House $389 fine. Nine days later, House filed suit, claiming that his fine was too high and asking that the case be considered a class action..

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