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This should serve as a starting point for the government. The flames have been extinguished, the destruction largely repaired, but the causes behind the riots have not resolved. Indeed, they have barely been addressed.. Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsGerald I. Ramthun, 81, of Campbellsport passed away peacefully Saturday October 31, 2015 at his home. He was born Oct.

While our recently completed regular session of the 83rd Texas Legislature was more immigrant friendly, unlike the one from two years ago which was characterized with such a high anti immigration climate, it is important to examine these two studies and see just where our economy stands right now, and remove some of the myths surrounding this issue. Additionally, I firmly believe it is studies like this that cement the reality of why it is that we so desperately need the most comprehensive immigration reform package that will fairly and adequately address the matter from all aspects and policy perspectives. Moreover, it is for this very reason that I filed the driver’s license measure (HB 3206) during the recently completed 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, a proposal supported by many conservative lawmakers and major businesses from all corners of the state.

We all know what Donald Trump has said about the Muslim people. But that not important right now. We want Assad out. Rob Hart and Frank Wolf, both from British Columbia, are more than half way through a canoe expedition that started 17 days ago in Pine Dock, Manitoba on Lake Winnipeg. They have made stops in the communities of Blood Vein, Little Grand Rapids, Deer Lake and now Sandy Lake. Over the next two weeks, Rob and Frank will paddle the Severn River and complete their 1,300 km journey in the First Nation community of Fort Severn on the Hudson Bay.

Beach bikes are designed much like the bikes you remember from your childhood or even your parent childhood days. They feature heavy duty steel construction and a focus on comfortable, easy to steer design. There usually a single speed chain with a chain guard and an over sized seat that more cushioned and comfortable for the casual bike rider.

The burn ban generally restricts outdoor cooking with some major exceptions. It doesn’t restrict cooking with propane or natural gas in a “complete and full” enclosure. It also doesn’t limit cooking with wood or charcoal in a full enclosure, as long as the area 5 feet around the enclosure is cleared of combustible material..

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