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In some way, this endeared fans to Michael no longer was he just Darrell’s little brother, but a competitive racer on his own terms. His fan base has continued to grow, and more Waltrip merchandise is available each year. Since that fateful crash, he’s been in the top tier in points, pole positions, and wins.

Storage space for the collection became an issue, as did the need to preserve the images in perpetuity in a highly specialized, temperature controlled environment. The Sun and Province approached the archives about donating the collection. Terms of the donation took several months to complete, in negotiations between the newspaper editors, Postmedia Network Inc.

All roads into and out of Ocean City are closed due to flooding that has cut off the popular Jersey shore resort community. Former Hurricane Sandy already had flooded most of Atlantic City, sweeping away an old section of the city’s famed boardwalk. Officials said two people were killed when a tree landed on their vehicle.

Lejman ran away with the overall MVP award in a game with a significant amount of defensive stalwarts. While he’s usually strictly a close defenseman, the Penn bound rising senior contributed off of the wing with physicality and stellar groundball play. He had an interception or two as well, put the ball on the ground and even scored a goal of his own.

Raymond J. Enners, an All Long Island lacrosse player in high school and All American at West Point, embraced the true meaning of this ancient sport. He embraced the wise Cherokee elder’s proverb as well. In large part, what amounts to three weeks of no games is a product of St. John late arrival into the league after much of the schedule had been drafted. And since teams are anxious to have home games during the holiday season, when attendance is generally better, dates in the Christmas New Year window were filled especially quickly..

“I think anytime if you want openness and accountability you have to hear from the public; I saw no reason tonight if there was new information coming out that people should have been allowed to speak before council. This is our chamber, this is the people’s chamber and if we’re here meeting they should have the opportunity to speak to us,” said Valley. “It doesn’t change the fact that we need to do this to put it to rest.

Among the 43 presidents, Lincoln, FDR and John F. Kennedy are the acknowledged greats in inaugural oratory. In perilous times, their power of communication produced transcendent words that inspired not only those who heard them, but generations to come..

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